Paintings Of Fruit

New fruits on the ACEO desk ! It’s time for some oranges – fine art realism still life

New fruit on the ACEO desk ! It’s time for some oranges …oh there is a pear, too. Beautiful miniature still life paintings made in oil on panel Please share n Facebook and Tweeter…Continue reading

LOOK! A realist painting of a pear but photorealist still life artwork

I really hope that people wont call this realist painting of a pear as a photorealist still life artwork! The art style of photorealism has probably, its artistic merits, only that my goal is not to…Continue reading

Is this ACEO oil painting of a pear, real enough for you?

I painted large paintings only lately so it was time for a miniature art painting aka ACEO ; you know, those little 2.5×3.5 inches art cards; just to avoid losing the skill. Because I like painting…Continue reading

Pears and sweet red pepper Still life art paintings classical realism fine art

These are two new oil paintings on canvas that I painted in the classical realism stile. Someone named them as paintings with mood The first painting is a classical still life fine art oil…Continue reading

Still life – fruit – ACEO classical realism art of fruit

It seems that I’m in a “fruit of the loom” mood 🙂 I’ve started to paint some fine art oil paintings ACEO :still life fruit. A classical painting still life of grapes on an old table A contemporary…Continue reading

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    1. Thank you for lovely comment and appreciations shehrazad! I have any DVD for the moment and no intention dto make one in the near future. Maybe far more later. My current mane activity is growing, caring and playing my two little daughters (2y 5m old & 9months old ) When I get a little bit of free time ( nights often) I paint. Until that future DVD, please subscribe to my YouTube channel (see the link in the right sight of the webpage) where I post time lapse video paintings and subscribe to my blog posts.

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