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  1. I love sailing with your wonderful images. You are truly fantastic! Who are the people with Dorothy on the road to OZ?

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment Phil! About the people from Oz, well, the one from the right side of the painting, the Lion, is my father in law, that from the left side , the Scarecrow, is inspired by “Le Penseur” (the thinker) sculpture of Rodin. The rest of them are just imaginary people painted as I thought they would fit well the OZ characters. Happy New Year !

    1. Hi Jake,
      To 1st question – I don’t know when I start creating art exactly. I only know when I start selling it and make a living from my art and that’s the year 1999.
      To 2nd question – A fairly normal family: Mum, Dad & 2 kids. Nothing special compared to all the other family round the world. Maybe the special thing is that I love my wife as much as then when I met her, 18 years ago. Both of us are professors. She’s a math teacher. I teach Lang&Literature.

        1. When was your painting carnival created? Was it sold? If so, for how much? What materials did you use? How long did it take to make it? What made you paint it?

          1. When was your painting carnival wizard of oz created? …2009 ? not sure
            Was it sold? yes
            If so, for how much? I forgot.
            What materials did you use? As usual : oil colors, canvas, brushes
            How long did it take to make it? It’s a large piece and quite complex so I guess it took me to get it ready around 7 weeks …not sure.
            What made you paint it? Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite tale. An idea of using real people for each character had crossed my mind so I painted it down.
            I’m sorry for scarce info but I don’t keep notes about my work.

  2. I love your paintings! I’m 15, studying my first GCSE art topic “landscapes” at the moment and we have been asked to create a sketchbook page on a composition artist of our choice, for prep. I have just finished my page on your work and would just like to say that your paintings helped me decide on my final piece! It is a mix of your work, and that of two other artists; Rob Gonsalves and Ed Fairburn. I particularly like your use of perception and illusion- and my art teacher is also intrigued! Thankyou!

    1. Hello Cathrine,
      I’m so happy to know my art inspired and helped you to decide on your project.
      I wish you great success!
      Thank you for letting me know.
      I’d be glad if you will send a couple of pictures of your project and, if I’ll find some spare time, to write a blog post about.
      Good luck !

      1. Thankyou, and I will send pictures of my project when it is complete, should be in the near future!

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