ACEO – miniatures

This is the online art gallery of miniature paintings and ACEO by the artist Daniel C. Chiriac.
The most of this little paintings are ACEO – wonderful little works of art in a standard size. Affordable wonderful little pieces of art for art collectors.
You may ask what ACEO is.
ACEO is the acronym of Art Cards Editions and Originals.
ACEO is an art movement which has started on eBay and it’s a great way for art lovers to buy affordable art.
ACEO is a highly collected art item.
The difference between miniatures and ACEOs is size. While miniatures can have any small size, ACEO can be 2.5 x 3.5 inches only.

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2 thoughts on “ACEO – miniatures

    1. Hello Fae, Thank you for your question! and please, forgive my late replay. I wasn’t able to replay to any comment last few weeks. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that that ATC is already sold. To see the available work to buy please see my “painting for sale” page Yet, if you like prints, there are limited edition prints available for sale for almost all the paintings (including ACEO & ATC) that can be seen in my Gallery pages

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