Art Gallery

Welcome to Daniel C. Chiriac online fine art gallery! Here’s a collection of my artwork. There are surrealist & realist paintings like still life paintings, portrait pictures and landscapes. On the second gallery, you can see miniature fine art paintings, mostly ACEO artcards in realistic art style.

Daniel Chiriac fine art artwork portfolio. A selection of his most beautiful paintings. Surrealist and realist paintings.

ACEO miniature art

You may ask what ACEO is. ACEO is the acronym of Art Cards Editions and Originals. ACEO is an art movement which started on eBay and it’s a great way for art lovers to buy affordable quality fine art paintings. ACEO is a highly collected art item. The difference between miniatures and ACEOs is their size. While miniatures can get any small size, ACEO can get the standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches, only.

Abstract and post modern paintings

Paintings from my past. Online art gallery of contemporary abstract paintings. All of them are done and sold before 2006. If you would like to paint something similar for you, please go to the contact page and leave me a message. These paintings were done when I was wild and restless and when, only for myself, abstract art was simply The ART.