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artcard-art-aceo-paintings-fruit-realism-apple-banana-apple_bananaartcard-art-aceo-paintings-fruit-realism-grapes-grapes_on_ the_ tableIt seems that I’m in a “fruit of the loom” mood 🙂
I’ve started to paint some fine art oil paintings ACEO :still life fruit.
A classical painting still life of grapes on an old table
A contemporary painting still life of a banana and an apple
Well, I’ve finished a still life painting in the realism style of a pear but, unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of it, yet.
Here below there are the YouTube cliparts of the paintings in progress:

3 thoughts on “Still life – fruit – ACEO classical realism art of fruit

  1. I have always been interested in glazing techniques. I have it down with acrylic and watercolor but oil seems to stump me! Do you use a quick dry medium to be able to go over your colors so quickly? I just end up with muddying my colors and over working them! Any advice would be great! Thanks!

    1. Hello Susan,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Painting in oils is very different than using acrylics. One difference is the drying speed.
      You’re right, I use a “quick dry” medium. Only that it’s not really drying but gives some thickness. Search for thixotropic propriety .
      “Flemish medium” is such a thixotropic medium and fits very very well to glazing technique.
      Another thixotropic medium is Venetian medium only that it contents bee wax so that is better for “alla prima” technique.
      Anyway, even using those mediums you still have to wait for “drying” before applying a glaze.
      Well, it’s a pain slow technique.
      If I can help more, feel free to email me (see contact page)

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