Born in Romania,  December 27, 1972  .
Before 2006 Daniel’s work was abstract mostly.
After 2006, he rediscovered the realism and the beautiful paintings of the old masters and so, he became more and more interested on the techniques of the old masters. Since then, he has slowly abandoned the abstract art style and has turned to surrealism, fantastic realism and classical realism.

Nowadays, Daniel Chiriac creates realistic paintings such as still life paintings, landscapes and portraits and surrealist paintings such as surrealist portraits and surrealist still life paintings.

Daniel Chiriac paints also miniature art such as ACEO and other tiny paintings.

His art is collected by people from all over the world: Romania, USA, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.
He’s happily married to a beautiful lady, Daniela. Is she his muse? Definitely, yes.
Time spent with his beloved daughters Ana and Anastasia is considerable longer than the working time.