I’m an artist. Which is the best web hosting for an artists

OK, you’re, like me, an artist and as every people connected to the web, thought about his/her personal website: a blog, an online photo gallery, a small business web page, etc.
You know what content you’ll upload on your website but, where are you going to host your great website?
We, the visual artists, need some extra things than regular users, as we work with images, mostly and less with text.
Well, there are 2 options when is about web hosting:

  1. – self web hosting
  2. – dedicated web hosting provided by a specialized service

NO WAY! Self web hosting!!? Is that means to set up my own web dedicated server? Well, actually…YES …if you know a geek to set an web server up for you 🙂 He/she will know what to do to configure an dedicated server out from your old PC box. Yes, your PC is good enough for a personal web server. There are also some rooters with hdd storage that are quite good as a dedicate server hosting.
Setting up an dedicated server hosting your small web page is not at all rocket science and your geek friend will do the job in less than an hour.
You must get an dedicated IP from your Internet provider in order to set up your web server. Well, there are some websites on the Internet that provide DNS services for those with a dynamic IP Check this out http://www.noip.com/
Also, you need a decent upload rate on your Internet connection
So that, self hosting can be an option to host a your little website…if you like managing the server by yourself, of course 🙂

Now, if you’re like the most people on the World, you’re going to get managed hosting by a web hosting specialized provider.
There are payed web hosting services as well as free webhosting providers.
The free web hosting solutions are dedicated to those who don’t want their own personal domain name and to those who don’t bother of the ads placed by the service provider on their website. Well, unless you want to experiment HTML and stuff, I don’t recommend this type of service.
If you want to set up a blog for free, than go for WordPress.com or Blogger.com, the best free blog accounts providers.
If you want more than a simple blog, or if you want your own personal domain name address (www.your-desired-domain-name.com) than you have to pay for web hosting packages offered by a webhosting company.
Such a webhosting company offers various web hosting packages to fit your needs : small business web hosting services, an personal art portfolio, ecommerce web hosting services, etc.
This website you’re reading, www.danielchiriac.com, is hosted by the web hosting servers of www.Globehosting.com . It’s a company which provides web hosting and domain registration offering a lot of plans to fit your needs. They offers Cpanel web hosting as well as CloudLinux for cloud hosting. Don’t forget to chose your language from the right-top drop-down button.
I personally like Linux hosting because of this 5 reason (They offers windows servers, too)

  1. is cheaper
  2. is cheaper
  3. is cheaper
  4. Cpanel managed hosting
  5. safer then windows hosting servers

By using a payed webhosting service customers get advantage of these:
– Maintenance of the server is company responsibility. You’re job is to upload great content on your website, only
– There are various softwares that are needed to run a modern website that are already installed on the server.
– they make daily backups. So if your website is hacked and compromised, you can ask for a restore at a date when your site is fine
– last but not lest, these webhosting service companies offer domain name registration and management, too. So that, instead of typing something like http://723.895.234.123 to reach your webpage, I only have to type www.yourgreatpage.com. Now I’m sure you want to buy a domain name, too.

As final word, no matter you want an ecommerce web hosting, small business web hosting services, a portfolio page or email hosting, the best web hosting is on a payed webhosting service. For me, the best web hosting which I use since 2007 is offered by Globehosting.com .
The best thing that I found at them , besides of ridiculous low monthly fee, is the cheapest web host plan for those who only want to register a domain name.
Check out their offers www.Globehosting.com

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