I’m the WINNER of the Artjudge.com “Oil painters” contest!

I’m so happy to tell you all that last Saturday I’ve won my first 1st place at an art contest!
The winner is my painting “Till the end of times” .
My lovely lady is, once again, my luck. Oh, I think you already knew she’s the one featured in the composition of the winner painting.
Here’s the painting:surreal-oil_painting-famous_artists-winner-portrait

3 thoughts on “I’m the WINNER of the Artjudge.com “Oil painters” contest!

  1. want to know the basic representation and the link of the picture with YOU????
    it represents the powers of the mental world, and the canalization of psichic enery threw third eye, our inner eye
    of counsios.

    your link with eternity and the hidden powers you have inside you. lots of force that could be used for good or bad.

    take care when you are angry……….

    in general your inner soul and your powers,


    congratulations meister :mrgreen:

  2. Hey I got a question about the painting. Which size does it have and when did you painted it ? I make a prestentation about this painting for school and it would be very helpfull if i had this information !:)

    1. So sorry for this sooo belated replay. I was unable to reach my admin panel till now.
      Amelie, this is a painting that I’ve got it done in 2008.

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