Online art gallery of abstract paintings from my past

Abstract paintings, Abstract art. Contemporary abstract paintings.
If someone searched a bit for art, it’s impossible not to know these above terms about art paintings.
It’s the art of nowadays, yet for me is the “art” of the past.
Many of my collectors don’t even know that I was an abstractionist or that I loved abstract!
It was my craziest part of my life. That is for sure! yet, I don’t regret it nor want it back. It’s just a past part of my artistic life.
Long time ago when I was making the transition to art of surrealism and realism, I decided to keep my abstract art covered off.
Well, I have reconsidered that old decision these days. So that I’ve uploaded a small selection of my abstract art paintings (there were hundreds of them!)
You can see and maybe appreciate them on my online art gallery of paintings on the abstract section (on menu bar) or clicking the direct link from below
WARNING! PUT YOUR SUNGLASSES UP! There are strong colors on that gallery! 🙂
I would really like to read your impressions about them.
art-paintings-abstract_paintings-triptych-sunnyThis abstract painting is one of the very very few that I still like. It’s a triptych acrylic on canvas abstract painting. Those white spaces are just empty spaces because this triptych is a set of one big piece in the middle and two other smaller pieces on sides. I forgot its exact size but it’s huge anyway. It’s about 80 or 85 inches in width …An abstract artwork of 30″x30″ was a small painting for me at that time 🙂 Click the image to enlarge. However, I remember its title, “Solar Incandescence” ! Painting this abstract art was quite easy but entitling. 🙂 Entitling was the most hardiest challenging part of the abstract art creation! If a huge artwork was ready in 2 or 3 hours at most, entitling took days! pretty annoying , to say so 🙂

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