Commissioned Dark Surreal oil painting artwork


Now what is this surrealist oil painting about? A horned knife thrower showing a creepy enigmatic smile. His knifes are ready in his hand and he is just awaiting for you to look. What does he want to hit? What or WHO is his target? Would be the round wood target? Would be The horned sexy evil witch assistant? No , not the witch would be a pleasure for her! It would be YOU? The clock is ticking and soon the time is of! Now wait! There is a clown, too and looks not friendly at all. Do you see the flower disguised knife from his hand? What are his intentions? Hope is your help.
Oh dear, tales …so… this is another surrealist oil painting that I finished recently. It’s a piece of fine art commissioned by one of my collectors. Thank you very much Andrea! She commissioned me to paint for her a surrealistic oil painting with blood, horns and horror stuff. I think I painted the painting quite well. It was a bit challenging to find the idea for this surreal artwork as I have been painting, you know, beautiful paintings for such a long time. However, the dark surrealist painting is not only dark and horror but quizzical and ironical, too.
The commissioner is very happy with this surreal inspired artwork

I entitled this surrealist fine art painting ‘The knife thrower of my bloody heart’
Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm ( ~ 12″ x 16″ )

What do you think?

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