Four still life fine art oil paintings- classical realism – latest commission

fine_art-still_life-oil_painting-wine_and_spaghettifine_art-still_life-oil_painting-wine_and_fruitFour classical realism fine art paintings of fruit, still life. Imagine that you’re an artist it’s April Fools’ Day and right than you’re receiving a commission proposal for 4 paintings and an ask for a painting to sell ..both from the same person … a person about you’re hearing for the first time and who’s just mailed you that want to decline a purchase …
Sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it !?
How many of you would take this seriously? I bet not many…moreover if the request sound something like that:
I want 4 paintings with cheese wine pasta and fruit.
fine_art-still_life-oil_painting-wine_and_cheesefine_art-still_life-oil_painting-cheese_and_fruitWell, I did it and I replied as on any normal situation.
Results? One older still life painting sold and other 4 custom classical still life paintings of wine and cheese, still life of cheese and fruit, wine and spaghetti and a classical realism still life of wine and fruit. Of course, the commissioner payed first that painting and 40% of the commission’s price.
The funny thing is that I was talking to an artist pal who had denied an offer for an artwork few days before April Fools’ Day because he assumed that is a fake buyer.
Above are the commissioned paintings ; 30×40 cm / 12×16 inches , oil on canvas
Oh, and I met again in this commissioner an art lover who gave me the complete freedom of creation!
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Below is an video clip of the classical realistic still life of cheese and fruit painting

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