My art goes down on streets. Literally ! As street art

Do you know those street artists who paint directly onto the sidewalk, don’t you? You may know about Vera Bugatti or Edgar Müller.
I don’t know if that about I’m to write is well known or not. I only know she’s from Germany and do street art painting reproductions in chalk onto the street / sidewalk. Her name is Tina Ganster.

You know, I use to google the Internet for my name once in awhile to see what’s new out there about my artwork.
A couple of months ago, I was surprised to find a blog of a street art artists from Germany, I presume (blog’s in German) who reproduced one of my surrealist piece onto the street. She started that blog to document her 1 year American experience.surreal-oil_painting-famous_artists-facade-masquerade-gold
She didn’t asked for my permission but who’s mad for free advertising anyway ?! She can’t sell a piece of street, can she?
So, I’m happy for the free advertising that she made me on two venues : live on street and online writing that blog post. Not to mention that the reproduction was done very well!
Oh, she didn’t forget completely the etiquette! She put links to my own website on his article. So that, I’ve got free SEO, too! (Search Engine Optimization)
You can read this article and see an walk-through slide-show of painting it on the street visiting his blog at this address

What do you think?

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