Surrealistic painting with fruit and a miniature oil painting of a plum on a lace tablecloth


I have just finished some new paintings recently
The “big thing” is that I touched a bit the surrealism after a very long time.,,a very very long time! OMG, such a long long time !!! Sorry fort this but I am amazed myself of the big gap since I finished a surrealist painting. I think there are almost two years now!
I wanted to improve my realistic painting technique all this time so that I have been painting realistic paintings since then…till now, of course
As it can be seen, here are two oil compositions: a surreal painting and a still life oil painting ACEO
The art card ACEO depicts a plum over a lace tablecloth painted as much realistic I could.
The surrealistic oil painting of fruit depicts some oranges: two whole oranges, another one half peeled and some orange peel flying around. The pear is sliced and it is suspended in the air with all those oranges flying around it.
Here below are the video cliparts of them in progress

What do you think?

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