The official realist portrait of the Duchess Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, got her first official portrait. It’s exposed at the National Portrait Gallery, London and was done by the realist painter Paul Emsley.

While the royal couple is thrilled with it, many others , including me, find it anyway but showing Kate Middleton at her present age.

It’s an old Kate Middleton “captured” there in the portrait and her smile is rather a grimace.

Well, maybe Kate Middleton wanted to save some money for a future portrait when older…who knows…everything is possible.

Another possibility for this “realist” portrait may would be the fact that the Duchess Kate Middleton posed in person to the artist Paul Emsley… no PhotoShop, no way to cover the imperfections, if any 🙂

Also, Prince William said about this realist portrait of Kate that it’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful! That tells me the painter did his job very well and his portrait reveals the real Kate Middleton.

Add to those above that the Duchess Kate and William asked the painter to represent her as natural as he can.

Considering all the facts above, now I’m sure : Kate Middleton either is not as gorgeous as she looks in glossy magazines or she’s not as young as we knew , 31 years now

If nothing above is true, then the royal family should commission me for that portrait and so saving a huge amount of money..a really huge amount ! 🙂

Here on the following link you can see the realist portrait (it’s a copyrighted picture so I can’t show it here)

What do you think?

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