How to pack a painting for shipping Light Cheap Safe and Easy

Easy Inexpensive Fast  How to pack up for shipping a large stretched painting and get also a lightweight package.

So you’ve sold a painting, Congratulations! Now you want it shipped to your customer.
OK then. Here’s how to get it wrapped fast with easy using inexpensive materials and get a light weight package.
This article refers to packing canvas stretched over a wooden frame paintings or pictures painted on board.

So, these are the materials for the job to be done:

– the painting itself
– extruded polystyrene sheets. They can be 1 or 2 inch thick. Use 2″ inch thick sheet for large paintings.
I used one of 1 inch and the other of 2 inches for a painting of  32×16 and for a 32’x24′ painting I used 2 sheets on each side so a total of 4 sheets
– large paper sheets
– brown adhesive tape
– cling film
– cutter
– ruler
– 30 minutes

1 – Take the painting and wrap it up in cling film . This protect it from scratchings and other possible injuries.

2 – Then, take those polystyrene sheets and if they have , as usual , thinner edges that are necessary in building constructions, cut them off. We don’t need them as we’re making a package. See the video below if this is unclear

Take a polystyrene sheet and lay the painting over it. Draw over with a liner the shape of the painting . Let an extra inch all around the painting shape and cut down the sheets.

Now we are basically making a big painting sandwich.
The problem with extruded polystyrene and tape is that tape don’t sticks to it. So that we’ll splice the tape getting so the package being reinforced.
3 – Add as much tape as you think it’s necessary.
4 – Wrap then the “sandwich” in paper – any paper, preferable brown paper
5 – Add the address label or simply write it by hand.
6 – Ship your painting package to your customer.

a painting is being packed
a painting is being packed

painting in a pack

This below is an YouTube vid I made packing a painting. Watch it to get a better idea of how you should do the job

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