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The official realist portrait of the Duchess Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, got her first official portrait. It’s exposed at the National Portrait…Continue reading

A new original whimsical ACEO fine art card of a rat wearing a cat Halloween mask

I’ve just finished this ACEO whimsical oil painting. It depicts a cute little  rat who trick-or-treating on the Halloween night costumed as a scary thing for the rat kind : a cute pussycat ! :~) He…Continue reading

Surrealistic painting with fruit and a miniature oil painting of a plum on a lace tablecloth

artcard-art-aceo-paintings-fruit-realism-plum-lace_tableclothI have just finished some new paintings recently The “big thing” is that I touched a bit the surrealism after a very long time.,,a very very long time! OMG, such a long long time !!! Sorry fort this…Continue reading

Four still life fine art oil paintings- classical realism – latest commission

Four classical realism fine art paintings of fruit, still life. Imagine that you’re an artist it’s April Fools’ Day and right than you’re receiving a commission proposal for 4 paintings and an ask…Continue reading

How about art composition – Composition in art

The Internet is full of art tips like “how to paint an apple”, “how to paint a portrait” and so on but I realized there are few art tutorials regarding the composition in art, visual art or,…Continue reading

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