Get weight loss with style – artsy diet that really works FAST

Let me guess! You want to look slim like a sylphid, like a Victoria’s secret model.

So you have tried to get weight loss.

Well, well, well…

You’ve tried everything on the world to achieve your wonderful dream but the f**** king nature is working against your will.

Probably you have never thought of my simple method of how to get weight loss fast.

It’s a classy method.

In fact I provide you 2 (TWO) FREE methods to lower your bodyweight ..or at least, to think YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are NOW !

Good news! Both of them do not require gym or hard jogging!

Also, using the first method, you’ll eat everything … you can 🙂

So, to start presenting my “miracle formula” of getting loss your body weight, let me say you that it’s all about ART.

1 – The first method – the most beautiful:

Start doing art! Any form of it. Then, start making a living as an artist

Don’t cheat and live using the revenue that your “body of art” produces only.

So that you’ll experience the life of an starving artist.

Have you seen before any stout starving artist? No?

That’s very good! This means my method works !!! Hooray!

So, do some artwork, live through art and you’re on the highway to your goal of being slim.

Well, the downside of this method of loosing weight is that there are pretty good chances to be a successful artist even that you have absolutely no talent.

In this case, try the second method!

how to get loss weight with style Venus at mirror Rubens

2 – The second method , of course – the easiest:

Either you are a successful artist (because you went through my 1st method earlier) or you are an extremely talented person…or you simply don’t want to live a life of an artist (it’s your loss !) try to trick your mind and see yourself beautiful as you are.

Our mind is … mindless. It’s heavily influenced by media.

If all of those outrageous adds and glossy magazines will start presenting fatty people as the beauty standard of today, I bet everybody will search for how to get weight up.

So, this is my easy method for you: watch as often as you can classical art.

I warmly recommend you the paintings of Rubens.

Contemplate them as a daily mantra.

Do you practice yoga? Put a picture of any of Rubens paintings that depict nude women (and men, too) in front of you.

Don’t you like yoga? (me neither)

Turn off TV and admire nudes of Peter Paul Rubens as you would watch Young & Restless.

Your mind will be tricked eventually and you’ll see yourself quite slim compared to those nude models of Rubens and also you’ll see the Victoria’s secret skinny models as being almost dead. They are starving to death anyway 🙂

Oh, and remember, whatever men would say, they (we) like roundness at a woman.

And more than this, BE YOURSELF ! …and … well..try to eat just a bit less then you do now though.

Peter Paul Rubens – Venus at a Mirror & The Three Graces

how to get loss weight with style The Three Graces Rubens

4 thoughts on “Get weight loss with style – artsy diet that really works FAST

  1. Hahaha i love the way that you think Daniel you are so funny!!! I think the way that you spoke about how a woman should see herself was brilliant!!! You have another talent with words hey 🙂

  2. Daniel you are so funny!!! I think the way that you help woman to have a realistic view of themselves was brilliant!!! Please keep up the humour and it looks to be as though you have anther talent there, a way with words 🙂

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