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  1. Hello! Did you ever have any experiences as a child or throughout your life which have influenced what you like to paint? Any artists in particular that you feel have made a big impact on your work?

    1. Hi Seb, Thank you for comment!
      Well, I did have such experiences throughout my life, actually. There were 2 of them one as a child during the school when the art teacher said upon one of my work :”this is not made by you” which put me aside of the painting world for a long time and the other experience was in 2006 when I rediscovered the art of contemporary realism when I reached this website http://www.artrenewal.org/ . read more on About me page
      I may have a lot of influences in my artwork but none as a result of a big impact on my mind of a particular artist. I like any artist whose artwork has no need of outside helps to tell me : “this is art, actually!” Whose art , if by chance found threw out on the street, “scream” by itself ; “I’m beautiful! Pick me up and put me in your house”

      1. I’m looking at your work for an art project, I admire your work so much. You are a very talented artist and thank you for your help.

        1. Thank you very much for appreciations! I wish you great success on your art project. Would you like to share what about it? Best, Daniel

          1. I am looking at how artists portray dreams, so mainly surrealists, but also a bit of metaphoric realism!

          2. You’re welcome to watch my surrealist art. I like very much both realism and surrealism so I want the elements of my surrealistic composition rendered as much as realist I can do.
            Thank you for your comment!

    1. Irena, welcome to my gallery! I try to paint my realist works to look anyhow but photorealist. Thank you very much for comment!

  2. I like your painting of Chess. Could you tell me what the meaning of that painting is? I had to pick a piece of art for my humanities critical thinking course and I came across your painting of chess from goggling great art work. I chose to write an analysis of your beautiful painting……..

    1. Hello April,
      Thank you so much for your interest on my art!
      Please forgive my late replay because I wasn’t able to replay to any comment last 4 or 5 weeks being very very busy with my babies and my new job (I’ve got a job as teacher this year)
      Well, about your question … first off all, what painting with of Chess? There are a few of them. Second, I really wonder if your teacher want to hear my opinion about that painting you’ve piked or to hear Your personal opinion / analysis about it. I tell you this because in my vision, The Meaning of a painting is unique to any single viewer no matter the artist’s original interpretation was.
      Third, those surreal paintings of Chess are quite old and I’m afraid I forgot what originally wanted to show. So, it’s very possible that the present interpretation to differ to the first one.
      Anyway, I used to use Chess as a symbol of solving mysteries, of puzzling decisions or of intellectual conflicts.
      I’m looking forward for your future comments,
      All the best,

  3. hello, what is the media that you usually use on your paintings? they are all amazing and very surreal pictures which i like indeed. i am writing about your paintings you see…. 🙂

  4. hello, im not sure whether my last post managed to send so i think ill try again. 🙂 i was just wondering what type of media did you use? i am writing about the surreal painting with the big chess peace and the man walking on. so i would like to know what media is used and also who is the man?

    1. Hi there, so sorry for the huge delay.
      I used oil on linen for that painting. In fact, I use oil colors only for surrealist and realist paintings.
      Thank you very much for being interested by my art.

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