Future new classical realism still life paintings

still life realism fine art oil painting pears knifeI‘m happy with this fruit still life series that I’ve started.  Because I never painted fruit before, I started with those little ACEOs as training for larger paintings. Now I’m feeling quite confident on my skills of painting fruit…. 🙂 So that I painted this painting which is way much bigger than a tiny ACEO miniature art.
It is an oil on canvas painting depicting two pears on a woodcutter and a knife cutting them. It’s painted in the classical realism style. Some would say it almost photo realism but I say no, it’s not photo realism nor hyper realism but only classical realism.

As I wrote on eBay chat board a couple of weeks ago, I want to paint a still life as good as a winner of the ArtRenewal.com contest. Yes! I intend to participate to the still life section of the 2012 contest . Until then, I practice to be better and better.
Here’s the YouTube video artclip of the painting in progress

What do you think?

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