Yearly painters – custom realist still life painting of fruit

It has been an year or so now since I posted the last painting I made. Well, I’m not like those daily painters, yet I do paint almost every day.
Only that I don’t paint a painting a day… unless it’s about a study for another artwork.
And also, I don’t have time to make a new post for every painting I make.
I really don’t know how the fellow painters – daily painters – can manage to do that task.

OK now, I’ve written on the post title “yearly painters” because the painting I’m about to write, is done an year or so ago…yep! Yet, I didn’t find time to edit its pictures and post them up to my website.

As usual for me over the last few years, it’s a custom painting. Yes, I’m one of those painters that mainly do commissioned art pieces.
The commissioner is a wonderful lady from Canada. She and her kind spouse are the owner of a beautiful and modern house.
They wanted to enrich their nice kitchen wall with a nice piece of art.

So they went to an art gallery to commission for their dream painting. Well, it was just a dream because the result didn’t fit their demands.
She jumped then on the Internet, of course. Here’s where the fortune and my art pop me up from the crowd of the other painters.

There were four major demands:
– no dark colours
– no dark colours
– no dark colours
– sizes
Yes, this is how much she didn’t want dark tones in her painting! There was other demands, too. Some came from the start and some came as I worked out the painting.
I have to be honest and say that I was quite worried about she could be a trouble customer that so often the fellow painters have to face.
Well, it wasn’t the case at all! On the contrary she came out to be a very nice person!
But I was that who gained most ! because I love the result!
Yes, it was difficult but satisfaction is proportional to difficulty!
I’ve also wrote a post and made a video about how I get this painting packed for shipping.

Tip for artists: let apart the big ego ! Most of the possible customers are normal people only that sometime they have to be listened with care and gently lead to your own artistic point of view. They have a roughly idea of what they want and YOU are that called to chisel out that idea to an wonderful piece of art.

Painters, ask me anything about how I get it done and I will be glad to reply!
Beauty lovers, do you have your own idea for a custom picture? Please, contact me to talk about how we could work together to get it up to life.
Here are some pictures throughout the painting process from the fast sketch to the final piece of art.
bw_sketch_still-life_realist_oil_painting_gold_fruit_wine_cheese_rosescolor sketch still life realist oil painting gold fruit wine cheese rosessketch and first layer still life realist oil painting gold fruit wine cheese roses

Now the color sketch is done and I did the sketch on canvas, too. The most of the composition is resolved now and I could proceed to applying the first layer of paint.

realist still life art oil painting gold fruit wine cheese rosesdetail 1 realist still life art oil painting gold fruit wine cheese rosesdetail 2 realist still life art oil painting gold fruit wine cheese rosesdetail 3 realist still life art oil painting gold fruit wine cheese roses

And here’s the piece on the owner’s home

What do you think?

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