Unbelievable ! A new contemporary abstract expressionist triptych painting by Chiriac

Why a new contemporary abstract expressionist painting, triptych painted by Chiriac, me, is an unbelievable thing? Well, if you take a look on my paintings gallery page, you’ll see that the main paintings gallery is that of the realist and surrealist art. The abstract art gallery is the last one and its description says that I abandoned the contemporary abstract style back in 2006.

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It is currently for sale on my “paintings for sale” page and also on eBay and other venues. Love it? Buy it! Click this link Buy the “Wild Mustangs – new abstract triptych”

It’s a very large triptych artwork , acrylic on canvas.
Title :”Wild mustangs”
Size: whole triptych size : width 90″ x hight 52″ , the central piece: 34″ x 52″ , sides, 2 pieces of 28″ x 43″

What made me to return to paint another abstract expressionist painting? It wasn’t something emerged from my express will. Well, it was a commission… a commission that however, came in a moment when I was thinking to paint some abstractions. The commissioner liked very much one of my old abstract expressionist painting depicting some wild mustangs and wanted me to paint new one similar to that old triptych. This is that old triptych abstract painting loved by that commissioner. I must quote a fragment of the commissioner email in which talk about my old painting:

“Well good for you, bad for me that you sold the painting! Because I love every square inch of that painting. I’m so excited your work is affordable! What you did in the Wild Mustang painting is very difficult to achieve, and you convey majesty and passion in a beautiful way. It is an accomplishment to create contemporary sensibility that meets passion and majesty at the same time. I feel you must start with total artistic license. But if I say one reason I love the Mustang painting is because of specific juxtapositions of colors and your choices of combinations, would that cramp your style? For example, I adore the central horse and every color and shape relationship, but especially that you chose to make aqua the central mass of color with all these delicate hues of yellow, orange and violets, and then courageously surrounded by intense reds, aquamarine and here a sweep of delicate pink. Hoo boy! There is so much to study in each relationship of color to another, and there are so many colors actually going on to contemplate. Then what you do with shape and contour is another brilliant feat. Just exceptional. And I can’t help but see one area hints at Monet’s lily ponds, another says Chagall, but overall it is all original and one artist owns it. I really see this painting as a masterpiece. “

This is the artwork that commissioner saw and loved so much than wrote such a lovely review to it:

It was very exciting for me to return to my artistic beginnings and encouraged by such a great reaction regarding one of my old abstract painting, it wasn’t a big surprise to accept this commission. Also, the commission came in a moment when I was thinking of my abstract artistic period and was getting nostalgic of those times and thinking that would be nice to paint something abstract or something else contemporary which don’t ask to much planning and strictness as realism and even surrealism ask for.

The extincting was so great that I started to paint the new triptych artwork before to receive the advance payment.
It wasn’t the wisest idea …

  • First of all, because all that excitement blinded my vision and I painted like crazy…and I thought it was finished, like a crazy, too! 🙂 I would post that picture of the new triptych when I thought it is finished if I am not too ashamed by it ( yet, it can be seen in the video clip)… It had almost no connection with the old one! yet, I was happy with it … I repeat: I think I was blinded. My eyes were opened by the commissioner’s email which was very sincere.
  • Second, I didn’t think of my present capabilities of doing abstractions. The years of realism put their mark over my style! and even if I didn’t want to keep a real shape of horses, they came out naturally.
  • Third, I didn’t count the need of a large space in order to paint such a large artwork.
  • And 4th, I forgot that one never can to transpose in the same mood like that of many years ago, which I think is essential for the abstract art.

So, even that I make the necessary changes in that new painting which I was thinking is ready and bringing it then to a look that resemble the old painting, (and I have to say this new one I like more than the old one) the “hot time interval” of making a new sale was gone and I lost this commission.
It was my own fault! If were possible to continue it, I’m sure I would get the new abstract triptych to very look like the old artwork.
This is why , if you want to be sure of a commission, you need to wait the first payment before start the work 🙂

Yet, the return to abstract was a nice experience, though, I don’t think I will repeat soon.
Also, because I prefer to keep my customers as happy as possible, maybe is a good thing that things were happened like they happened.

Bellow is the video clip of painting this new “unbelievable” new contemporary abstract expressionist painting – triptych by Chiriac 🙂

What do you think?

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